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San Francisco restaurateur “don’t give a shit about gluten free.”



Now.  I’m not saying food allergies don’t exist and I actually have a couple of friends who are legitimately gluten free.  But.  From what I’ve experienced, they are actually NOT asshole customers, and it’s the hipster primadonnas and the bougie Lululemoners on fad diets pissing food service folks off to high holy heaven, so I’m totally in support of this chef.

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Giving Every Kid Equal Standing In The School Lunch Line

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So in case you weren’t aware today in several cities fast food workers are protesting to raise the minimum wage. Detroit police are running out of handcuffs. 

Here’s a link to the website for StrikeFastFood with a petition asking fast food giants to raise the minimum wage. 

Here’s some more news links:

I pissed off some teen age kid at a table I was serving.

  • Me:

    I'm sorry, I'll be back with the right plate

  • Him:


  • *as I turn to walk away*

  • Him:

    *talking to his friends* he's probably a homo, he's too distraught.

  • *i turn back to the table*

  • Me:

    you know, you shouldn't talk about the dude who's about to serve your food, right beside him. Also, learn the definition of homo, it's a root word that means, "man" in which yes I am a man, more of one than you will ever dream to be. So if you're intentions were referring to me being a homoSEXUAL as in MAN-sexual, which I am, then use a correct form of it. Now, sit there little boy, while this gay man goes to get your food for you.

  • *i leave and come back*

  • Me:

    here's your AIDs stuffed burrito you ordered.

  • His friends tipped me $20

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